A New Season!. . .

20120101-230218.jpgSummer has gone, the leaves are changing from deep greens to rustic browns, a time of change has arrived. . .’a new season’.

What does that mean!
For some each season is the same, wether its summer, rain, sleet or snow, the lack of love the sense of gloom the depressing state only deepens.

For others there is that sense of preparation, getting ready. Reflecting on what’s past, looking forward to what lays ahead with solid hope and a sure heart that ‘love’ will be at the heart of all seasons regardless of wether it’s summer, rain, sleet or snow.

What is that love that moulds each season!
It is the love that pours from GOD, not as a shower but as a deluge, it is persistent it is sweet it is sustaining and it is ‘free’.

‘So’ it doesn’t matter where we are in this coming season, what matters is what deluge we decide to stand under!, will it be the same depressing, gloomy shower that brings no comfort but is so familiar! Or will it be the free outpouring of heaven that refreshes and is new each time. . .

It’s a new season with a new chances. . .it’s time to get wet. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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