Nasty That!. . .

20120101-193949.jpgI have just been downing a cup of caffeine, enjoying the rich velvety texture and the nostalgic aroma, when one of the crisps I was eating found its way into a hole I have in one of my teeth!.

The pain was instant, & the reaction was acute. I grabbed my jaw, and with my tongue removed the offending crisp, smashed it against my back molars and swallowed. . .

It deserved it, causing me pain when I least expected it.

Then again, the crisp wasn’t to know about the hole in my tooth . . .was it!. . .

I’m sat in a cafe, pronounced ‘caf-A’, because it’s not a ‘greasy spoon!’ it’s a posh little gaff, nice seats, expensive scoff.

Now that the pain has subsided I can reflect on my ‘crisp saga!’. . .

I have had this hole in my tooth for ages, I have kept meaning to go to the dentist but keep putting it off!.

I guess you could say I have ‘procrastinated’ to long. . .& that this is a wake up call to get it fixed!.

It’s a bit like our daily lives, how many of us have tasks, promises that we know we should have delt with!, but we just keep putting them off!. How many of us no that the longer we leave these errands wider grows the gap in our relationships, deeper delves the rot.

I’m going to review my ‘procrastination’ list, & then I’m going to make a concerted effort to tackle those tasks before another ‘crisp’ gives me another rather alarming wake up call. . .

. . .’viva la crisp’. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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