Thank you!. . .

20120101-225906.jpgI just wanted to tell you that I’m deliriously content!. . ..

I just wanted to say that you are more than enough for me, without you there is no purpose for rising each morning. Without you days are sterile and choices random.

I know that many times I have failed you time and time again I have not listened to your advice I have been head strong and believed that I knew best. . .for that I am truly sorry. . .

Also I want you to know that I know of no one who would have tolerated my bad behaviour the way you have, & still given me the gifts that you have.

Detestable though I have been please understand I am striving to overcome my shortfalls & I believe that with your hand, I can.

My life I freely give to you. . .all of it. . .let my thoughts always contain you, let my ways always be guided by your wisdom.

I am content. . .

I look forward to seeing you soon. . .Thank you JESUS. . .Thank you.

Much love Marc. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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