20120101-230529.jpgJohn, Peter, Paul, Noah, Moses. . .they all understood it!,

That their lives were short and that they were heading to a better place, a place of freedom a place of life a place without all the misery a place where thy would live for eternity.

So they made their time on this earth ‘useful’ they used there time and abilities to advance the name of HIM we call JESUS, they didn’t cling to all the things of this earth they counted it as nothing.

Now what are they doing!, they are basking in the presence of GOD, wallowing in the love of JESUS, enjoying the splendour of heaven. . .and are waiting for us, yes that’s right they are counting the hours until the exact number of those who believe are reached. . .then we to will arise, leave behind all that is here and finally. . .finally . . .we will take off our shoes and ‘rest’. . .

I hope to see you all there. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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