The Beat!. . .

There is a tune playing in my ear. . .it has a seriously heavy beat with a dramatic sounding base.

It’s as if my ear drums are being battered by an acoustic jelly, with a delicious rhythm. . .

Do you ever get those moments when all of your life for one split second seems all aligned, all in sync, as if every globule of liquid within you flows to one rhythm?

Theres this mate of mine who plays drums, in fact he breathes drums, if you were to watch him play, whilst sticking your fingers in your ears to drown out all of the sound, he would look seriously strange, arms flailing everywhere legs thrashing around and a weird look across his face!. . .
But if you were to remove your fingers, so that you could hear the sound of the drum; then your ears, your mind and your flesh would fall into the very beat that he was playing.

. . .’exquisite’. . .

All of creation has a beat. . .

It’s as if GOD has laid down an acoustic rhythm with a serious beat for us all to follow.

Choosing to follow that rhythm that distinguished beat, enables life to fall into an ‘unforced groove. . .the rhythm of GOD’.

This rhythm removes the need to stress to worry to panic. . .this rhythm says GOD is reliable and trustworthy, “just relax and enjoy life’s song”. . .

I recall the time when I was deaf to this rhythm and all of life flowed out of sync, no dramatic baseline no captivating tune. . .Only a repetitive faded sound, tuneless & offbeat

My ears are now learning to understand GOD’s groove, GOD’s melody. . .
My feet are beginning to tap out heavens contagious beat. .
What shoes do you have on today?. . .sandals!, slippers!, wellies!

Or are your shoes gilded with heavenly thread, that set your feet dancing through life!. . .

. . .To the one true ‘beat’. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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