Man Up . . .


I’m sat waiting for the rice to finish cooking, it’s part of a delicious dish I’m cooking, judging by the aroma that the SlaughteredChicken is producing, now that the fleshy morals have been dusted with herbs, it’s going to be delightful. . .


The other day I sat chatting with a few mates, and the topic of discussion was, ‘What is a Real Man!’.

It was quite a straight forward question but the conversation seemed to be stuck in a groove of uncertainty!.

You could sense the unease, you could see beads of perspiration forming on foreheads.
It was as if the question was too dangerous to handle!. . .


The rice looks good, it’s absorbed all of the liquid and now each kernel sits bloated, waiting in anticipation for the next stage of its journey.


Some one mentioned that a real man is a provider someone who protects his family someone who cares for his household, we all agreed but it didn’t seem to totally define ‘What is a Real Man’

At this stage a few of the lads had begun to count the tiles on the floor, a sure sign that we weren’t quite sure what the answer was.

We looked at the worlds view and this became even more confusing, we could see that being a man of the world meant there wasn’t any clear description of what a ‘Real Man’ should be.

We could see that some would say that a man was someone who had ‘gelled hair, & wore jeans that were clearly to tight & showed his underpants!, or a man was someone that had a fantastic career could afford designer clothes holiday 4 times a year and still feed his family. Or a man was someone who wore a hoody stuck his hands down his pants and smoked weed or a man was someone who new how to cheat the system and get exactly what he wanted!.


The chicken looks glossy, it’s know marinating in a blend of juices herbs and a secret ingredient. . .its fragrance is intoxicating.


We were struggling quite severely to ‘clearly’ define ‘What is a Real Man’, to many choices, and each choice justifying its eligibility.

What we really needed was clarity, what we needed was to know that we were living as we were designed to, and that we were fulfilling the roll of a ‘Man’. . .

So, like in all cases when uncertainty uninvited raises its confusing head, we began to look at the question through the eyes of GOD.

Instantly it became clear that the world has lost its view of what is a ‘Real Man’.

like a buffet table is covered in, too many choices to choose from, ‘Man’ now has a pick and mix of who he wants to be!. . .

Resulting in ‘Man’ becoming confused about his credentials, unsure of his role in life, and disappointed with his achievements.

You see, in the beginning it was not so!. . .

GOD created ‘Man’ in HIS own image, GOD designed ‘Man’ to be a ‘Man’:-

– who is strong and courageous.
– who is not living in fear of other men
– who is aware that GOD himself wants to be with ‘him’, Showing him how to behave like a ‘Man’
– who is learning to be strong and very, very courageous,
– who is striving to live according to the laws of the land, GOD’s laws.

– who is able to keep going when hard times come along, in life, in relationships, & who doesn’t give up because its easier to do so.

– who is not caught up in the evil things of the world idol worship, sorcery, drunkenness, orgies, even when other men laugh at them for not joining them.

– who is – kind hearted and won’t cause strife, or become jealous, or angry, and cause divisions between his family and friends.

who is hard working and shares what he has with those who have nothing.

– who is aware that all, true, understanding and wisdom comes from GOD

– who is aware that JESUS demonstrated what a true ‘Man’ is, by being true to HIS word, being strong when others hated HIM, & by completing the task HE set out to do, when no one believed HE could.

As we finished talking it was clear that none of us had all the areas ‘boxed’ off regarding being a ‘Man’, but what was certain we knew that we had the blue print, the perfect example of what being a ‘Man’ looks like. . .JESUS


I’m now going to try my own cooking!. . .its exquisite!, even if I do say so myself,


My guests will be here soon so I must go and prepare the table. . .

But just before I go I want to encourage every man who for whatever reason, is unsure about who they are, where they fit in or what life holds for them, as a man in this century.

Understand this, ‘You’ are created in the image of the living GOD, created to have a life that is full and rewarding. . .

If this is not the case for you It is time to see yourself as GOD sees you and not as the world does. . .

‘You have the potential to be ‘Great’. . .

Now is the time too ‘Man up!’. .

Published by Marc Lesley


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