Lobsters & Sandals. . .


I’m in one of my favourite cafés it’s a title like a greenhouse, without all the plants!, all glass sides, and it’s inhabitants are always in need of liquid refreshments.

I have just finished my white chocolate muffin and a cup of the white nectar.

The view from my window is amazing I’m watching the world go by, there are many peoples walking to and throw, caught up in there own worlds doing their own thing

It’s mesmerising . . .
You see there are all walks of life passing by my enlarged retinas
they are so preoccupied with the task at hand and I’m guessing that’s to purchase loads of stuff from the nearby garishly designed shop windows.

Or they may also be on their way to quench a mug of the white nectar. . .with cake!.


It is mesmerising because my mind is trying to separate the variety of cultures and lives that are meandering by!. . .

First, there is the spectrum of nationalities, a gaggle of Grecians are passing, squawking about something that seems to be amusing all of them, they like me are consuming coffee but on the ‘hoof’, then there are the elderly, there are the rich looking elderly with expensive looking bling then there are the elderly that look as if life is a serious struggle, just to exist, shoes very worn and hair all scewif, I presume that they are only window shopping.

Next are the ‘out of towners!’, cameras nestling on protruding stomachs heads thrashing from left to right, not wanting to miss any photo oppurtnity!. . .looks like ‘Cannon’ still corner the camera market!.

Two young ladies have just passed they seem really happy and extremely excited, I’m guessing that they are looking forward to a party or celebration, judging by the size of the hair rollers they still have in as they walk through the shopping mall. . .then again!, it could be that they have just realised that they still have their ginormous rollers in. . .


Im about to purchase another beverage, I can see out of he corner of my eye yet more of the ‘cool shade brigade!’, over sized glasses, mirrored shades, designer shades, all are out in force today. All wearers wearing the same jaw line!, that says, “I don’t talk, I don’t smile & don’t even think of talking to me!, “I’m way to cool for that!”. . .

Funny thing is I’m having to fight the urge to not put on my own ‘seriously cool shades’ and join them. . .’hilarious’. . .

There is covered flesh, exposed flesh, white flesh, brown flesh and painful looking burnt flesh. . .

There is tattooed flesh, some are tribal, some creative and some that makes you wonder if the owner now has serious regrets.

I decided on a cold drink, the weather outside is roasting, I also opted for the air conditioned seating, and I believe it was the right decision, I’m watching what appears to be a table occupied by ‘lobsters’ consuming a caffeine fix, getting more agitated with every second the sun mocks their reddening skin. . .its moments like these that I thank my GOD for my rich mahogany skin HE gave me. . .’exotic’


Published by Marc Lesley


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