Who’s Child Are You?

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Who’s child are you?. . .

The suns almost set, and the days almost over, I’m sat outside its almost silent and the cat is patiently waiting to be fed. . .

Its quaint how the cat is fully attentive when feeding time comes around meowing as if it was starving widening it’s eyes as if some unseen hands were squeezing it’s intestine making its eyes protrude!. . .very strange!

But what is even stranger is how on many occasions those same eyes are reduced to slits and a severe attitude is cast my way when that same gut is satisfied!. . .


There’s loads of plants where I’m sitting some look as if they have given their best and now need to be up-rooted and thrown away, others look as if tomorrow is their day to shine, their day to stun the world with their brilliance.

There are a number of bees and a number of rather annoying creepy winged things hovering and chewing the vegetation adding to the wild feel of the garden.

I’m sat in, a confusion of stems with heady scented petals, and moss covered pots which all give a sense of chaotic order! Was the garden meant to be like this! was there a plan! or has creation pressed on with it’s own agenda!. . .I wonder, either way the outcome is pictorial. . .


The cats pacing, it’s been through the cat flap twice, I’m guessing to see if the evening fodder has appeared in its plastic bowl!.


I’m trying to work out who all these belong to! The parents of the winged creatures do they still lay claim to them?. . .from pupae or egg from lava to embryo who watches out for them feeds them clothes them and mends a hurt wing or a damaged antenna!. . .


The cats rather independent, “feed me”, “scratch me when I feel like it”, “and if you must de-flea me”. . .
the rest of the time it appears to be self sufficient. I have no idea of its parents whereabouts, or wether it pines for them in secret or maybe they rendezvous at preset times!, who knows. . .


You see. . .all of these creatures were birthed and for a specific moment in time they live, work, eat and sleep. . .and eventually they will die.

You and me, though we may differ in appearance do very much the same, we live we work, eat and sleep. . .& then we die. . .

Also, like all of these creatures, though we may not be aware of it, we exist by the power of a living GOD, who, in the same way brings a sweet perfect order to the chaotic garden I’m sitting in, and to the lives of those who ‘trust’ HIM.

HE provides for all winged insects who forage for nectar the food they need and lays out edible delicacies for us to eat. . .though greed of some may rob food from others, GOD who owns all foods, brings relief to those who are in need.

From green plant, to cake, from black grape to the steak of a heifer. All are HIS.

The CREATOR of all things is GOD, HE feeds all things, from winged insects to prowling beasts to stubborn man to desolate women. . .


The sun has now hidden it’s face from the chaotic garden I’m sitting in, the cats bowl I must now go and fill

Who’s feeding you?. . .

Who is soothing healing your hurts!, who is bringing order in the chaos you see and who is showing you all that is beautiful in this life. . .

Are you aware of the living GOD!, have you inquired about the FATHER of all FATHERS!, or have you settled for a life of meowing and narrowing of the eyes!, and the occasional de-louseing!

GOD, the greatest FATHER their is loves you dearly and wants to provide. . .for all of Your needs. . .to feed you, cloth you and heal when you hurt. . .

Who’s child are you?. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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