Awaiting The Next Life

Its interesting . . .
As I lay in the crowded corridor, watching the nursing staff work tirelessly to make new patients feel comfortable amid a chaotic ward, I marvelled at how complex the life of hospital staff is.
There were nurses taking temperatures whilst those who transport the patients unable to walk, wrestled with the dilapidated blue lined chairs on wheels.
There were those with stethoscopes looking managerial amidst those who served the teas and coffees.
As I lay waiting to die, I became resolute that should I not be called home to live with Jesus, I would strive to serve the LORD even more, no matter how chaotic my circumstance may become or how confusing life may appear, I would continue to dedicate my life day by day . . .hour by hour to the LORD.
Lying still, in a busy hospital ward corridor amidst persistent commotion, my life suddenly appears anything but chaotic.
Psa 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!

Published by Marc Lesley


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