No worries!. . .

I’m sat drinking a container of decaffeinated coffee, the barista didn’t leave enough room for the milk so it is rather strong.

However, its taste is not unpleasant.


Do you ever have those moments, where, when you sit down, you physically feel your entire body relax? Its as if it has been waiting for a chance to stop, to breathe, to be absolutely still?

I’m experiencing one of those moments, right now, you see, all through the day there has been this sense of peace, a taste of peace, and a mind set of peace that has me slumped in this cafes foam filled chairs, without a care in the world.

Seriously, I have absolutely no concerns or worries!

I have tried to focus on financial issues, health problems and relationships, yet I have absolutely no anxiety!

You might say it feels like I’m in heaven!


It is hard to distinguish between this decaffeinated coffee and my usual tipple, yet this decaffeinated beverage won’t increase my blood pressure to alarming levels, forcing my life’s fluid through ever narrowing arteries, thus, increasing the risk of me collapsing onto this cafes grubby stained linoleum.


I chuckle to myself as I reflect on the issues of life that surround me, issues that should be creating stress and a sense of hopelessness as if life has dealt me a dud hand.

And, whilst these cushions are threatening to suffocate me, there is something unique!. . .something unexplainable occurring as I slouch in a deluge of peace. . .its rather exquisite. . .

My coffee is almost finished, and the container has warped from supporting the hot liquid, yet I’m not ready to leave my cushioned oasis.

I want to recall other times when I’ve experienced this level of peace, I want to rationalise the reason behind this sense, this reality.


‘Thats it!’. . .

Now I remember. . .


It is an experience that is strangely familiar, it is an experience that has been promised . . .promised to all who believe in God.

I tell you the truth, “be still and trust me” is what God says. . .”relax, let go, I have promised that whatever situation you are in, I am more than able, more than willing to guide you”.

“I am able to give you comfort in all circumstances and peace that is unique, unlike any other peace you may encounter. . .and it is available to all who ask”.


I have decided to stay for a little while longer.

I have surrendered to the call of the cushions, and I have abandoned myself to the promises of God. . .

May you also ask and receive the unique peace that only comes from God, for all of life’s situations.

God is good, trust Him . . .

Published by Marc Lesley


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