A Fathers Love

Im sat consuming a coffee and a little piece of chocolate in a busy deli-eatery. The chocolate I am consuming is an easter egg reduced to half-price by a shop who’s marketing strategy failed to maximise revenue from the crucifixion.

There is a young boy, no older than 6 years of age sat at a table close to where I am located. He is sat with his father and is striving to engage him in child like activity, in a historical game derived from the nursery rhyme ‘pat-a-cake’. He is persistently wrestling with the clasped hands of his father trying to pry them apart for play.

His father relinquishes, smiles and obliges his son. Not satisfied the young boy requests another and the father dutifully indulges him. Yet on the third appeal the young boys father refuses, instead he embraces him placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. In response, the boy gently rests his head on his fathers shoulder, the game of pat-a-cake instantly forgotten.

It is an amazing scene. . .

Amidst this venues chaos, and oblivious to those positioned nearby, the father, without words, conveys his love, acceptance and protection to a child who is unaware of his need for these things.

Yet, though the child is unaware of his need for love, acceptance and protection he knows that he is safe. . .

He knows that there is nothing his father will not do for him, he trusts him without question and he understands that he needs his father, and he wouldn’t want it any other way. Likewise, he knows that though his requests to his father are childlike and tenacious, his fathers smile and embrace are always a better option to his requests.

They have now finished their refreshments, the father takes his sons hand, and with the other clears their used earthenware cups to a service table. . .and both depart . . .

Our Father in heaven

It is so amazing, it is exactly the same with our Father who is in heaven. He also enjoys the one-one conversations with all of His children, He enjoys the time we set apart for Him, and although chaos may at times surround us, there is a place of understanding and peace with Him.

You see, our Father who is in heaven created many children so that He may lavish perfect unconditional love on them, so that they may know that they are safe, accepted and protected.

And though, at times, we may be persistent and childlike in our requests. . .nothing compares to our heavenly Fathers reactive embrace.

Make time for the Love of the Lord. . .and be amazed. . .

Published by Marc Lesley


4 thoughts on “A Fathers Love

  1. ‘Peace and understanding in the chaos’. Wow. Bless you for the reminder of the only place that it is truly found :o)


  2. ‘Peace and understanding in the chaos’. Wow. Bless you, for the reminder of the only place that that can truly be found :o)


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