Today has been an interesting day! It began in the usual manner, the shill tone of the alarm clock, and the sun’s dim glow from behind drawn curtains, indicated that a new day had begun.

But as I placed the dental floss between my protruding teeth, something felt slightly odd! Something I couldn’t explain had stirred the excitement gene, generating a power surge behind the mechanics of my thoughts and it was peculiarly nauseating!

With the chores completed I ventured into the nearby city to purchase shoes. You see, winter is fast approaching and my cholesterol-lined arteries now require assistance to heat my feet in the coldest of weather.

As I drove along the freeway I began to ponder which shoes to buy. Maybe I should purchase trainers or perhaps I should acquire a more genteel pair of shoes, brogues perhaps, or some other soft leather shoe, solely for comfort.


I need a break

I’m now sat in Starbucks I needed a break!

It has been a while since I ventured out to purchase clothing, hence, it has been awhile since I have ben jostled by push chairs, ignored by shop operatives and disappointed by quality.

My excitement gene is now officially on vacation.

I haven’t found what I presumed I was looking for and there appears to be a shortage of my shoe size, also, I can feel myself beginning to adopt the same posture as those around me!

I’m agitated, and there is a peculiar smell that appears to be emanating from a child with a reddening face, sat in a push chair which is annoyingly close!



The caffeine has now manipulated my blood stream; I’m ready to head back into the melee and confusion, uncertain of my safety, uncertain as to whether I will find what I am looking for.

However, I have decided that I will not become like many who surround me, seasoned to the chaos, oblivious to the fruitless desire the clothes and shoes offer, as each item beckons from numerous isles.

You see, I have learnt not be anxious about what to wear, and I sense the earlier power surge, behind the mechanics of my thoughts, was a re-ignition of my mind-set from long ago, yet, caution now creates a healthy barrier, warning me not to purchase beyond that which I need.

I have found them!

I decided to select a pair of boots, they are sturdy and appear well made.

However, the excitement that preceded this adventure has been replaced with a dull sense of necessity, and so I gently make my purchase with my contactless card and leave. And as I jostle towards the exit door and watch the commotion surrounding me, I feel an inner sense of freedom . . .



I’m now on the freeway, heading north, and the realisation of how free I am is palpable.

As a Christian I have learnt how to enjoy what I have without requiring more, I can now observe the abundant shoe collection displayed on the feet of flesh toned manikins, yet see that my feet, which certainly need to be covered, have all they need.

Still, as tarmac stretches out before me, and daylight begins to fade, I recall the days when the excitement gene insisted that my bank balance exceed itself to afford a new shirt or shoes.


I remember how my ego wrestled with wisdom, wanting to dress for the nightlife, wanting to impress, wanting to ‘par-tay’.

Yet, I tell you the truth, a person can only be truly free from slavery to fashion, or slavery to night-life or any other form of slavery that creates anxious living, when they believe in God.

You see, God gives freedom to all who ask, He gives a new confidence, a sureness that enables a life to be lived to the max, content with what one has in this life, and assurance regarding all that will be obtained in the next.


Life is short

I have stopped for another hot drink.

And as I sit admiring my feet’s new clothing I’m thinking about my mates.

Some I know have found this freedom, walking and talking with the creator of this world, and some I know have not.

Some I know have found contentment with what they have and some I know still strive to obtain more.

Yet, this life is very short.

So I will continue to pray for my mates, and their freedom, I will pray that they will find the shoes that really fit, the shoes that feel cool, look cool and will show them how to walk in true freedom.

May we all walk in freedom . . .from this life into the next . . .

Be blessed


Whoever you are

If life seems chaotic or confusing at times, take comfort that God, who created and manages the universe, will also provide for all of your needs, not just footwear.

If you have a question, big or small inbox me . . .lets chat you’re still worth it.

(Be strong & very courageous)

*For More Info, Check Out Bible Reading: Mathew 6:25-34

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