Take My Hand

I’m at a service station on the M5, there is a woman sat outside on the kerbside.

She is holding a cardboard sign in front of her shawl-covered knees. The sign reads M50-Cardiff.

Multiple cars and lorries pass her by, likewise motorbikes and camper vans, each without a glance in her direction.


There is a long queue at Costa Coffee, yet the logjams at the alternative vendors are equally elongated, hence, I have settled for Costa, I rather enjoy their decaffeinated coffee and it is getting late.


An Audible Voice

A tune is playing, its Akon and Michael Jackson, it’s a captivating tune with orchestral overtones.

Yet it isn’t Michael’s warbling that grasps my interest it is the lyrics!

“Just, hold my hand, I promise that I will do all I can
Things will get better if you just hold my hand
Nothing will come between us if you just hold my hand”

“The nights are getting dark and there’s no peace inside
So why make our lives harder, by fighting love
Hold my hand”

“Let me be your one and only”

Can the woman outside hear the tune through the audio system?

If so, I wonder if she resonates with the words as she sits in obscurity surrounded by travellers lost in their own commotion, oblivious to her plight. It is now dusk, yet still she sits alone resolutely expectant, slumped by her sign waiting to become cargo in a vehicle heading towards the Welsh boarder.


The barista appears flustered! He is by himself and the line of petulant faces is having an influence on his coffee making abilities judging by the carnage around the counter.

I try to humour him with a witty comment . . .he isn’t amused!


I feel reflective

Although I have been a Christian for some time, days have existed where I, like the women sat on the curb, have felt utterly alone.

Though surrounded by life, people and tasks, I sip my decaffeinated coffee recalling vivid memories of times when I have felt deserted and abandoned.

These times have felt as if the world and those I knew were driving by unaware of my plight, even though I held a sign saying ‘Please help me to my destination’.

His Hand

Yet, I also recall how for each time when the tendrils of anxiety and confusion began to demand attention, God responded by saying “take my hand, it will be ok, trust me”.

I tell you the truth, God has promised that He will never ever leave us, by the roadside or lost unsure of the direction to take.

Time and time again, God has proven that He is dependable, and time and time again, God has asked that He be allowed to be
‘the One and Only’

So, whoever you are, if you find yourself sat by the curb, tired and unsure of where you are going, or if peace has deserted you for a time, lift up your gaze, there is a hand that is constantly being held out to you, take hold and let God be your One and Only.

Trust Him He loves you passionately.


Published by Marc Lesley


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